Extenuating Circumstances

I've resisted the iPhone craze to some extent. I've been using it secretly over the last year or so, but really, only sparingly. If I see something that looks interesting I'll make an image. If I use it, it means I don't have another camera with me.

This started as I was using the LF stuff more and more. A quick image with the phone allowed me to get an idea of where I might start. I use the camera for practical purposes and the images just added up over time. I never really paid much attention them until recently so I thought I'd share. Extenuating circumstances have made me keep my mind busy, and as a result, I've recently paid more attention to the images. Travel is preventing me from developing a host of film backlog, and frankly, the iPhone allows me to escape the rigors of the daily grind. It ain't much but it's all I have right now.

The iPhone allows me to experiment a bit, to exercise seeing a little differently. I've really just gotten tired of thinking it's not real photography, and for the moment, who really gives a rat's !@#. So here is an image that's a combination of two images I like a lot, even though they are taken on the iPhone. Combined, I really like them and I've decided I'll start a gallery of images I've taken over the last few years. For the time being it's all the photography I'm going to be able to produce.

It is what it is. And an old curmudgeon can sometimes see the points from the other side. Wait, what other side?