I've finally finished developing my 5 months worth of film backlog. I'm still not certain what I've got yet but should know in the next few weeks. It's always a process going through the images and getting over the disappointment of so many images that just didn't work. Eventually I find one that works.

This image is from my sabbatical road trip up the coast. It was made along the 17 mile drive from Monterey down to Carmel. Made with the Mamiya 7, 43mm and Acros 100, I think it might work. Just not sure at the moment.

I toned it a bit to see what it might look like as a platinum print and will have to live with it for awhile before I commit to that process for printing the image. It's an expensive process and I need to make sure it's something I want printed.

I'm going to start selling prints on the site soon. The prints I sell will likely be a one or two image addition printed on watercolor paper in the platinum process. This is a process that was first patented in 1873 by William Willis. The process he perfected is still largely the process used today. It's a permanent and traditional photographic process. Let me know if you are interested in any of the images on this site.