The Who Bar

Johnny - 2018 - Japan  ©2019 - All Rights Reserved

Johnny - 2018 - Japan

©2019 - All Rights Reserved

I spent some time today looking through the book Proof by Jim Marshall. Joel Sevin, in the forward to the book, called him “the premier music photojournalist of the day.” Marshall photographed the greats. He was everywhere and had unfettered access. I’m no Jim Marshall. But the images of the music legends reminded me of an evening in Japan that was a highlight of the trip.

This is Johnny, the owner of the The Who Bar in a part of Tokyo that I’ve decided not to divulge. It was a pleasure to get into this place and have Johnny pour us some much needed whiskey. I was in need of good whiskey, good music and something to erase the scenes I had seen at a place to remain anonymous. Johnny was the man and the perfect way to end the screeching bouncing around in my somewhat muddled head.

The bar was so named due to Johnny’s love of The Who and other rockers from that era. It seated maybe six people tops and was up a very narrow and unforgiving set of stairs. You’ll have to trust me on that. As I looked through the book this afternoon I couldn’t help but think of this bar, and that wee hour of the morning in Japan. Karaoke followed the departure of the bar but that is a story best left untold.