Presidential Libraries

I like visiting presidential libraries when I have a chance and do so when I can.  Here in Austin, we are fortunate to have the Lyndon B. Johnson Library.  If you find yourself in Austin, and are so inclined, it's worth the visit.

My knowledge of Johnson, I hate to admit, was very limited before the first visit I made.  Being the history buff that I am, I should have known more about his presidency than I did.  This particular library, tells a story of a turbulent time in the United States and the world in general.

Like any person, Johnson had his faults.  And as with all presidents, his accomplishments and legacy are up for debate.  He will forever be tied to the war in Vietnam. But he also led the country into a better place with the passage of the legislation concening civil rights, education, enviromental protections and many more.

On the tenth floor of the library, there is a replica of the Oval Office from his time at the White House.  While there, one will hear him talk about the time in the office and that no man had come into the White House with the thought to do what was wrong.  That may have been true in 1969 when he left the office and came back to Texas.  I'm not sure if I think it's true any longer.  

On a less serious note, and in case you are wondering, yes, the animatronic is just as creepy as it seems in the photo.  But the jokes it tells, in Johnsons' voice, are worth a listen.


 LBJ Animatronic Display - Austin, TX

LBJ Animatronic Display - Austin, TX

Larry D. Hayden