Revisiting Approach

I’ve found that I made a lot more images in color this past year than I did in black and white. I’ll have to give some thought on why that is but it may have something to do with the idea I initially had when deciding to use film again.

In 2017, after that July post, I used film a lot but I don’t think the images were ver strong. In reviewing that post recently, I started to wonder if I was off base with my thoughts and the meditative nature of photograph. I think I might have been because today, I no longer have that feeling and photograph has been my respite for the past year.

The past few months have been very hot here in Austin. In June, while on the road trip, I was able to make use of the heat and find a way to covey my feelings. Since my return to Austin, it’s been much more difficult and using film has been less of a desire. This has been because I am seeing less in black and white and much more in color. This is a recent change and one that has snuck up on me without realizing it. Until I did a recent review of my images, I hadn’t given it much thought.

I’ve also started to “relax” a bit more in my approach to photography in general. This is more of an experiment on the Creative nature of what it is I do. Depending on the camera I’m using, and as an example, I may be much more open to cropping. With film I’ve always thought that if I had to crop the image it was a “failed” image in my mind. I still adhere to that for a lot of my work, but I’m also loosening up.

I’ve also started to reconsider the black and white conversions. I still don’t think they are the same, but I am starting to get a feel from the images I like. This is translating in prints well for me and I’m starting to see potential. I’m not sure where this will go from here but I’m going to enjoy the journey.


Larry D. Hayden