Disney Hall

My recent trip west found me in LA early one Sunday morning.  My intent was to photograph around LA but as I have done in the past when I lived in Southern California, I found myself at Disney Hall.

I really enjoy photographing this building.  It's right up my alley with regards to shape, form and lines.  The early morning sun almost always provides a warm glow to the metal that makes up the surface of the structure.  This particular Sunday boring wasn't much different than previous Sunday mornings I've spent there.  

I began photographing here when I first purchased a large format Chamonix.  It was here, with 4x5 film that I fell in love with photography again.  It was the quiet, the concentration, the focus I needed to have in order to make a good image.  The minutes, and sometimes hours, I spent here were time focused solely to the task at hand.  No matter what may have occupied my mind as drove to LA, once the camera was out my mind was totally focused on the process and the image and what I wanted to make.  These sessions were absolutely necessary.

The drive out west from Texas was hot.  Really hot.  This particular Sunday morning was cool and breezy.  It was a far cry from the previous 4 days in Joshua Tree.  The cool temperatures were very welcome and it was a pleasure to make images at a leisurely pace without baking under the intense desert heat I had experienced throughout the trip up until this point.


Larry D. Hayden