Washington, D.C.

I love coming to D.C.  I love walking around seeing all of the different nationalities visiting, taking in the sites, listening to all of the languages and most of all I like to be reminded of what people outside this country see when they come to the United States.  It's the promise of what this country can be and what it represents.

I have traveled a fair amount outside of the United States as part of my stint in the Navy and as part of my professional career. I've been fortunate to do so.  Traveling abroad will open up your eyes to things you might not otherwise see, or experience, when you never leave the confines of the U.S. borders.  

There are obviously people and countries that do not like the U.S.  But the visitors that come here are, by and large, coming for an experience and to see what the country can offer.  And D.C. has a lot to offer.  Museums, good food, commentary, reminders.  As a matter of fact, it offers a lot to any citizen that bothers to visit as well.  I believe that more people need to visit and be reminded of what this country is suppose to represent.  Might be a good lesson in tolerance, acceptance and being a good citizen.  Although if the current political establishment can't be reminded, and most of them are there daily, maybe I'm being too idealistic.