This Post Is For Lilly


At some point in your life, you'll want to travel and experience something other than what you know today.  In some small way, I hope that I am one of the catalyst's to this future world traveler that is within you.  My greatest hope for you is that you see the world and realize that there is so much out there that will offer you experiences you can only dream about today.

I remember being your age and being fascinated with places, and people, that I had only seen in photographs.  I wonder if you are as fascinated now as I was then?  I hope that you are, and with this image, I hope you look up where this is and put it on your map for future reference.  Yes, it's a photo of a horse, and it's quite possible that once you've seen a horse photo you have seen them all.  But it's the experience I want you to consider.

How do you get there?  Should I learn a bit of French so I can communicate?  What are the people like?   Are they friendly?  Are they welcoming?  I could give you the answers but my answers will pale in comparison to experiencing it for yourself.



Camargue, France

Camargue, France

Larry D. Hayden