I'm here in Jerez, Spain having just spent a few days in Seville.  Not two hours into my visit in Seville, my phone was stolen. I've decided to not replace it while I'm in Europe and will just go with the flow. It's actually very nice not to have to worry about a device and checking in on text.

Internet connection is sketchy at best. Today, I finally have enough of a connection that I am able to post here. Anyway, time here in Spain is much slower than what we experience in the U.S. The pace being what it is, allows time for contemplation, experience and enjoyment. That is likely due to the fact no one from work can reach me because of the phone issue and because I'm actually on vacation. Who knows?  I'm just trying to enjoy it.

Flamenco, as you may know, is an art form practiced in Southern Spain. There are many places to see it if you purchase a ticket. However, I was able to attend a performance that was the entertainment for a local bar and it was much more enjoyable. Plus, they let me make images.


Larry D. Hayden