West Texas Road Trip

West Texas.  There is lots, and not so much, going out there.  Tiny little towns with nothing in them but the promise of what once was.  And then there are the few that have managed to stick around and become destinations even though there is nothing else close to them.

Marathon is like that.  Nice hotel.  Pretty decent restaurant.  About 90 miles from Big Bend National Park.  A coffee shop. And then, not much else.  

I find it fascinating, as I make these road trips, how different and how alike we all are.  And it doesn't really matter where you are from, or where you call home.  At the heart of America, lies some good and decent people.  It's a bit difficult to see that right now but I think it's the case.  I see it while I'm out and while I'm out quietly making images.


 Marathon, TX 

Marathon, TX 

Larry D. Hayden