An ongoing posting of work that may not exactly fit anywhere else, but still things I want seen.  It might be notes about road trips I've taken, the process of making the image, equipment used because what photographer isn't interested in that at some point, interesting lessons learned and who knows what else.

Disconnected or Connected?

Two seemingly disconnected images, but not for me.  Connected by memory, light and intent.  Memory recollection has a major impact on what I end up keeping and showing.  If there is a disconnect it's only because I may not explain it well enough or because I've not made it obvious to the viewer.  

A walk, a sleep, actually several sleeps.  Light, texture, beauty.  Struggle with the mundane and the norm, things that are constants in everyones life.  Moments of action are the exception not the rule... making a conscious effort to be in the moment, not in a screen.  Trying to see and enjoy.