Little Miss Magic.  Keen observer.  Very laid-back.  Zen-like.  She takes everything in, stays calm amidst the chaos that can happen at family gatherings and absorbs the world around her.  Communicates with intent, purpose and only when necessary.  

Those big brown eyes are soulful, penetrating and there is an intensity that makes me wonder what it is she is thinking and concluding.  I have a hunch that she is sizing me up and could offer me life lessons and advice that are way beyond her years.  Zen-like.  I'm convinced that there is a great deal of activity in the mind of this little one.  

She's just recently turned two and is lively as well as calm, if that makes any sense.  And she warms up to me much more quickly.  Not yet sure about hugs and kisses but she'll come around.  She's the one after my own heart.  And she'll be making a visit in just over a month.  One that I am happily anticipating and can't wait for.

The reference to Little Miss Magic above comes from an old Jimmy Buffett song.  It was playing as I was writing this and I've always loved that song.  It could have been written for this Little Miss Magic.




Larry D. Hayden