An ongoing posting of work that may not exactly fit anywhere else, but still things I want seen.  It might be notes about road trips I've taken, the process of making the image, equipment used because what photographer isn't interested in that at some point, interesting lessons learned and who knows what else.


One part hellion.  One part sweetness.  The other part - yet to be determined.  

This one is non-stop energy with a go and stop button and nothing in between.  She is passed between each exhausted adult that happens to be around until she crashes and lands in her grandmother's lap for a much needed nap.  Stubborness, a very Hayden trait, runs deep in this one.  

She is just starting to get used to me.  At times she ignores me as if I'm not there.  At others, it's a big kiss and hug when she sees me or is about to leave.  Not quite sure just where I fit in yet.