An ongoing posting of work that may not exactly fit anywhere else, but still things I want seen.  It might be notes about road trips I've taken, the process of making the image, equipment used because what photographer isn't interested in that at some point, interesting lessons learned and who knows what else.



Future astronaut.  Quiet and reflective.  Music lover - all kinds.  Model builder.  

The third child of my nephew Zack, Aidan is starting to come into his own.  He was able to attend Space Camp in Huntsville, AL this year and the confidence level afterwards is off the charts.  By all accounts he was in his element and thrived in that environment.  

When I was in their home last year, Aidan proudly showed me his work space.  I was absolutely honored to have been able to see it and see what he accomplishes in that space he calls his.  The post today is in honor of his knowledge of the eclipse and the fact that he was asked at school to lead the session in the classroom.