Fierce. Sweet. Opinionated with knowledge.  A force to reckoned with.  Lilly makes me believe in the future.  She has a "take no prisoners" mentality that I just love.  I hope I'm never in the cross fire.

She's the namesake of a great aunt, who, in may ways was just like Lilly even though I don't think they ever had the opportunity to meet.  The lone young lady in a house full of young men, she holds her own, exerts her will and makes it known that she is just as strong as anyone.  Woe be unto those that might cross her path.  At the same time, that fierceness she exhibits can be turned into immense empathy for anyone that is being bullied, taken advantage of or might not be as fortunate.  Lots going on in that very sharp mind of hers. 

Larry D. Hayden