An ongoing posting of work that may not exactly fit anywhere else, but still things I want seen.  It might be notes about road trips I've taken, the process of making the image, equipment used because what photographer isn't interested in that at some point, interesting lessons learned and who knows what else.


This is the start of a multi part post on family and the ones that allow me to photograph them with little argument.

Jackson is my oldest great-nephew.  Star baseball player, 16 year know-it-all, technical savant, star youtuber and all around good kid.  He was born pretty close to when I spent a few years back in Kentucky about 18 years ago. He's the oldest of my nephew Zack's brood.

Jack has always let me photograph him.  I should show more but I won't embarrass him too much.  This may already be too much.  But like all of Zack's kids, he's got a pretty good, and well reserved, demeanor.  He also has his own mind.  Something I'm really happy to see in him.