An ongoing posting of work that may not exactly fit anywhere else, but still things I want seen.  It might be notes about road trips I've taken, the process of making the image, equipment used because what photographer isn't interested in that at some point, interesting lessons learned and who knows what else.

Hotel Room Windows

My unexpected two month break, AKA life of leisure, is over and I'm back to a travel schedule that I'd rather not have.  Still, I'm grateful for the position I have so I'll do no complaining.

The travel of late has been domestic and international.  As I see something that interests me, as I have done for years, I make an image.  They are usually crap, and it's completely possible that two included images are in that same category.  But I happen to like these two images even though they don't really fit anywhere else.  

Several years ago, I wanted to show my family what travel was to me.  I did a series called "Absence" that was an indication of what travel looked like.  I'm not sure they got it, but the series had some interest from a few people, and I do know that at least a few people got it and enjoyed the images. 

I have a few window images that are starting to coalesce and might actually make a series.  I'm starting to think in much shorter series.  Long narrative stories are not my forte and the ideas behind them seem to never quite come together for me. But short stories I can work with.  It might take words blended with the images but I think I'm OK with that.  Working out how to make them compelling, well, that's another matter altogether.