New York From The Air

There are a few places that I'm fortunate enough to travel to and that I very much enjoy.  On the list is New York. Three days.  That is about the max I can handle that city but those three days are always filled with an energy that I just don't get from anywhere else in the world.

The image above is from a trip in May.  It was a trip designed to grab some time in between my travels earlier in the year.  As it happens, it was the last trip I made before I was summarily laid off from my job after 11 years with the company.  It was also the beginning of the best thing that had happened up to that point this year.  Losing that job has worked out splendidly for me and it's taught me to take advantage of what life puts in front of you despite what it may look like.

Anyway... The city, as it always seems to be, was very much alive in May.  I stayed in an area I normally don't stay and explored areas of the city I had never seen.  I met a driver that transported me from the helicopter hanger back to my hotel and who gave me a perspective about this country I had taken for granted.  It such a pleasure to meet him and have a great conversation despite our completely different backgrounds.  I also met a young man who was setting out on his own.  He was from the midwest and had a fire inside him that reminded me of my younger self.  He actually provided some hope for the future.  

Those who know me well might be a bit surprised by my notes from above.  But while I am on a trip like this, it seems I am much more open and outgoing than usual.  Not sure why that is, but I am, and I always have been.  

Looking forward to the next trip to New York and other places on my list.  I might even try to get into a helicopter for more evening images from above.  So much fun.


Larry D. Hayden