Family funny man.  Has the sense of humor no one else in the family has.  Keeps me in stitches.  Talks a mile a minute.  Great story teller.  Bundle of unlimited energy.

Alex, the fourth in the household, he is the bridge across to the whole family.  I don't think there is a shy bone in this kids body.  He makes me laugh at things I know I shouldn't laugh at, but I can't help myself.  Last year when I was visiting, he told me stories, and mind you they were at the dinner table, that had me laughing harder than I had in a very long time.  Funny is an understatement.  His dad couldn't help laugh either but he also knew he shouldn't be.

Alex is still finding his place but I have no doubt it will be a unique place and one that this family has not ever seen.  In a lot of ways, he is the outlier, the one that goes against the norm, the kid that will knock down walls and make holes for himself and for others.  Life with him in it, is a much better place.




Future astronaut.  Quiet and reflective.  Music lover - all kinds.  Model builder.  

The third child of my nephew Zack, Aidan is starting to come into his own.  He was able to attend Space Camp in Huntsville, AL this year and the confidence level afterwards is off the charts.  By all accounts he was in his element and thrived in that environment.  

When I was in their home last year, Aidan proudly showed me his work space.  I was absolutely honored to have been able to see it and see what he accomplishes in that space he calls his.  The post today is in honor of his knowledge of the eclipse and the fact that he was asked at school to lead the session in the classroom. 


Fierce. Sweet. Opinionated with knowledge.  A force to reckoned with.  Lilly makes me believe in the future.  She has a "take no prisoners" mentality that I just love.  I hope I'm never in the cross fire.

She's the namesake of a great aunt, who, in may ways was just like Lilly even though I don't think they ever had the opportunity to meet.  The lone young lady in a house full of young men, she holds her own, exerts her will and makes it known that she is just as strong as anyone.  Woe be unto those that might cross her path.  At the same time, that fierceness she exhibits can be turned into immense empathy for anyone that is being bullied, taken advantage of or might not be as fortunate.  Lots going on in that very sharp mind of hers. 



This is the start of a multi part post on family and the ones that allow me to photograph them with little argument.

Jackson is my oldest great-nephew.  Star baseball player, 16 year know-it-all, technical savant, star youtuber and all around good kid.  He was born pretty close to when I spent a few years back in Kentucky about 18 years ago. He's the oldest of my nephew Zack's brood.

Jack has always let me photograph him.  I should show more but I won't embarrass him too much.  This may already be too much.  But like all of Zack's kids, he's got a pretty good, and well reserved, demeanor.  He also has his own mind.  Something I'm really happy to see in him.


Local Rodeo

A few weeks ago, before the new job and while I was still enjoying a bit of new found freedom, I made a trip to New Mexico.  I can absolutely say that New Mexico is one of my favorite places to spend my time off.  Love the place, the people and the landscape.  

I planned to visit friends and ended up in Abiquiu' right around sundown.  I stumbled upon a small county rodeo taking place and I decided to stop in and see what I could see.  I paid the ten bucks to park and loaded the cameras on my shoulder and off I went.  I wasn't quite sure how close I would be able to get to anything but it turned out no one seemed to care at all.   The light was amazing so, I watched and I waited.  

The activity in the ring was just too far away, and I wasn't all that interested in that anyway.  But the activity around the entry to the ring was pretty frantic.  The light was great and I just spent time watching.  This is one of my favorite images from the hour or so I spent there before the light went away. 

17-06-24_NMRT_0388 1.jpg

Great Light


As I wander around, and as indicated in the previous post, I seem to always be looking for light.  This particular image is from the window sill of my hotel room on a recent trip.  I woke up and there it was.  Lovely light just waiting for me.

Getting up and out of bed was the only question.  It was early, I was tired and to be honest, didn't feel like getting up.  For a moment or two I just laid there and didn't really move.  But I kept looking until I couldn't really pass up the light. 

This isn't my usual fare, but the light is.  So, grab the camera and get it out of the bag and then see what comes of it.  It works for me.

Journaling, Or Not

I've recently read of the importance of journaling.  Various sources, various articles,,, And one in particular said that we should journal in order to keep up with our former selves.  I wish I could find that particular article again and give proper credit, but alas, it's not to be found in my bookmarks or notes. Apologies to that author.

My formal selves are a bit cringe worthy.  I have never been a regular writer of thoughts and goings on.  I've not really dived deep down into my psyche to figure out why.  I probably wouldn't like the answers anyway so, avoidance, the thing that makes the world go 'round, is my chosen mechanism.  But in reading some past thoughts that were put down on paper, I see some nuggets of information that might actually prove useful.  We'll see.

My current situation has provided a sense of relief, relaxation, in short a liberation that has been somewhat refreshing and certainly much needed.  That's all about to change as I head back into that world of stressful responsibility and "useful member of society" status.  There are certainly a mixed bag of emotions as I embark on the next chapter of life.  Most importantly, gratitude for the opportunity and the ability to contribute once again.

On the other hand, I'm working on how to best use this past few months as a catalyst to a little more mindful living and creating.  Not gonna be easy.  

I' ve been working on the new site for a bit of time now.  I was recently invited to participate in two group shows for next year.  The inevitable question arose on what my "theme" would be.  And what I've found, in looking through my images of the last 10 years, is that I don't have much of a theme, don't really work in projects and tend to change my focus on a whim.  The unifying concept in all of my images might actually be that there is no unifying concept or theme beyond a genuine love of photography and the making of images.  A few recent road trips have solidified that thought and so here I am.

I’m not a documentarian, although I have always loved photo stories, and at one time, aspired to be a photojournalist.  I’m looking for answers to questions that have haunted me over my life.  Photography is one avenue that helps me to explore, understand and come to grips with the issues I see, feel and experience.  Like many people, I am seeking deeply personal answers to very complex questions.  

I’m not an artist.  I’m not even sure I’m a photographer although, I often profess to be just that.  What does it even mean to be a photographer, an artist? Can anyone really explain what “art” is?  In a world that includes 7.5B people, can "art" be defined?  Can photography? According to InfoTrends, there were 1.1T - yes that “T” is intentional - photos made in 2016.  In 2017, the growth is expected to climb to 1.2T.  The digital clutter is enormous and continues to grow.  With all the noise out there, how does an image resonate and make it worth seeing?

I don’t have the answers to any of that for anyone but me.  And for me, making an image is important whether it be of family, something that I deem interesting, a shaft of beautiful light… Whatever it may be, I just like to make images.  And herein lies my new set of images, notes about the images and information that is important to me. It may be useful to others, it may not.  It's one man's thoughts, opinions and images of things that have passed by on my trip on this lovely and beautiful planet.