This will be a curated  list of links to sites I find interesting and inspiring.  They are all worth a few moments to check out and go through.  It's likely to change over time, but most of these sites are ones I check on a regular basis for new posts, content and examples of things I just can't do.

Photogs To Check Out

Daniel Milnor - Original as opposed to trendy

Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb - Two of my favorite photographers

Tony Vaccaro - If you don't know who Tony is, well, you should

Ernst Haas - A rennaissance man 

Saul Leiter - One of the best photographers you may have never heard of

Arthur Meyerson - Super photographer and a real good guy

Bernard Plossu - A French photographer whose book from the American west I absolutely love

Derek Hudson - British photojournalist extraordinaire  

Yamamoto Masao - Japanese photographer

Eric Rose - Portland based photographer and a favorite.  For a quick pick-me-up, check out his "Happy" series

Mark Tucker - A portrait photographer from KY who's images are wonderful

Polly Chandler - Austin based photographer 

Dan Wood - U.K. based photographer 

Jacob Hessler - Maine based photographer

Interesting Sites To Check Out

Shifter Media - Interviews, creative. content and other interesting reads

Urban Exodus - Thoughts on leaving the concrete jungle for greener pastures

Daniel Zvereff - Travel images, journal drawing, much more than photography

Trent Parke - The excitement exuded from Trent Park in this video is contagious