The New Mexico Project

Photo Copyright - Dan Milnor - Used With Permission

Dan Milnor has started publishing his ongoing project entitled "The New Mexico Project" and has started a tumblr page in order to share. This is a chance to see how a real photographer pursues a project from start to finish. He's including images, video, notebooks and tips on how to pursue your own project.

I'm on his feed and I've started following Dan's progress. And I have to say, it's been enlightening. Now Dan is a personal friend of mine but don't let this stop you from getting on over to his site. If you've ever wondered how a project gets put together and what the mindset of the photographer is while doing so, this is a good place to start.

Dan is generous with his information and believes that sharing information is just part of the process. And this is something of an experiment for him as well. Showing work before it's completed is a rule he generally doesn't break. But in an effort to see where this all goes, he's taking a major project and sharing it with the world. Take a gander if you will, follow along with his progress and I guarantee you'll learn something in the process. Make sure you hit the follow button. And if you've have questions, ask away. Dan has always been very responsive on his SMOGRANCH site and I'm sure he'll continue to do so with this project as well.

The New Mexico Project