I've finally gotten through the Sabbatical images; completely developed, scanned and some of them processed. But I have to say, they are a bit of a disappointment, with a few not so notable exceptions. I'm not sure if this is one of the exceptions or not. I think it'll end up in the trash heap but we'll see.

The Sabbatical road trip produced about 60 rolls of medium format film. Most of it was Tri-X but I took some Acros 100 as well. In order to simplify I only took one camera and two lenses. The Mamiya did well. The photographer, not so much.

Technically I had a few rolls that were spot on. But the majority of the rolls had something or another that was technically incorrect. There were far too many underexposed images, which indicates I just wasn't paying attention. I didn't keep notes on this trip and that may be one of the issues. I usually spot mistakes and correct them as I'm notating what I've done.

There is a new image in the gallery. I can't seem to figure out why the gallery isn't aligning but I'll get it corrected in due course.