Back from Uruguay


I'm back from a really successful trip to South America. I spent most of the time in Uruguay and absolutely loved the place. Super people, super food and just in general a really fun place to be.

I used the Leica's while I was down there, for the most part, and shot 37 rolls of 35mm film. I'm in the process of processing it all now. I'm about half way there and need a couple marathon sessions to finish up. I say the trip was successful without seeing the images because I went down there to have fun and shoot a lot. I think I got some good images but that remains to be seen.

I also used the iPhone and wished I had used it more. I got some nice images from the camera and really like them. They'll make into the journal I kept while I was down there (a nice notebook from Blurb). These images worked in little short stories of the days efforts. They will make a nice little gallery once I find some time to get them posted.