SFMOMA - Garry Winogrand

I went to the final day of the Garry Winogrand exhibit at the SFMOMA today. I have to say it was impressive. I spent about 3 hours at the museum and really enjoyed the show.

What struck me as impressive is the amount of imagery he produced and how often he was out making images. The other thought that crossed my mind is that we'll never have a cross section of images from one photographer again.

The show show was split up into 3 parts; one about New York in the 60's, the "Boom or Bust" section and a section about his final years. It was interesting to see the images from the period of my youth and I wonder if we'll be able to see this moving forward. he had what appeared to be access and never seemed to worry about where it was that he was pointing his camera. 

In several images there are people obviously not happy with their image being made but for the most part it seemed as if he was invisible to the subjects. His images make the "street images" from today seem mundane and without soul. I'd say for the most part that his images reflected the photographer as much as they do the times during which the images were made. All in all a really enjoyable show and one that I hope a lot of people got to see.

Santa Monica,, 2011

Santa Monica,, 2011