From A New Series

I've been working on a new series and it's a bit of departure for me from the norm. Since I can't seem to find the time to work on documentary projects, I decided to photograph up and down the coast of California. This is the first image and it's a revisit of an image I made early on with the large format kit. It worked much better on this particular day.

My upcoming move to San Jose will allow me to work on this project even more. I find the coast up in Northern CA much more visually appealing and am more excited to really begin this project in earnest.

I started this out by using a variety of formats but think I'll stick with square from here on out. I think it'll be more in line with how I see the sea and it's surroundings. It will also lend a more specific visual narrative to the images. At least that is what I think today. Who knows what will happen as I move the project forward?