Large Format

Fort Point, San Francisco, CA ~ 2009 ©2012 Larry D. Hayden

Fort Point, San Francisco, CA ~ 2009

©2012 Larry D. Hayden

I use a large format camera in some of my work. I don't get out with this camera on a regular basis but I do love the process. I'm headed out early tomorrow morning to use this camera, make some images and see what comes out of the effort.

The image posted here was made in San Francisco at Fort Point Park. it's one of my favorites but I don't know where to put it in my body of work. It doesn't fit into any of the galleries so I thought I put it here in the blog.

For those that don't know, large format is a slow and deliberate process. It really makes me think which is good because so many times I'm just blindly shooting. For the two or so hours I'm usually out in the morning, I'm able to let go of everything else that is bothering me; no work, no home life, nothing but the image I'm trying to make. I think I love this process for that ability alone.